That Moammar Gadhafi is gone is enough, even if his shooting might have been the killing of a prisoner.

The 42-year dictator of Libya and active sponsor of international terrorism deserved to be ousted, and his long-suffering people have a new chance to build a country that sheds the idiotic semi-Marxist ideology of the late dictator.

This was not, despite America’s indisputable and practical help, a victory of America but of America’s alliance.

The French and British governments, among others in Europe, took the lead.

That does not diminish America’s stature in the world.

We believe this collective action embellishes our reputation as a friend of liberty but not a domineering leader of what formerly were called “coalitions of the willing.”

We applaud our allies as well as our skilled military in this effort.

And we look forward to the day when the people of Syria are able to throw off their dictatorial shackles.