Saints quarterback Drew Brees greets fans with his family at the Dryades YMCA in New Orleans,Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017. The New Orleans Saints give away 1,000 turkeys to people in the community.

Advocate Staff photo by SOPHIA GERMER

If many of us contribute to our communities and particularly to charitable activities throughout the year, often at every paycheck through United Way support, we do live in an age of branding, so it was perhaps inevitable that something like Giving Tuesday was created.

It's an annual post-Thanksgiving reminder that all of us of mankind are, in the poet John Donne's words, a part of the continent, a piece of the main. We help others and help our own world out when we contribute to causes and charities that we embrace. That ethic is alive and well in south Louisiana on this Giving Tuesday, with many local organizations urging supporters old and new to help advance their missions today.

The list of potential donation-worthy activities is very long, but we encourage folks to take part on behalf of whatever causes or charities they feel moved to embrace. Internet giving is making the list of potential beneficiaries longer, but few of us can give endlessly, so choices are required. Many local agencies can benefit from giving on Tuesday, as well as other donations and volunteerism throughout the year. The needs are great, especially in the wake of south Louisiana's ongoing recovery from last year's flood.

People will make their own choices for Giving Tuesday, today, but so long as it's a thoughtful donation, we all benefit in stronger communities in a stronger country.