The news of a $6 million grant from the Pentagon to help fund nutrition research at LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center is good news for Pennington, and for the rest of Louisiana.

Pennington received the three-year grant to research new ways to use nutrition to boost the resilience, combat readiness and performance of military personnel. During the next three years, the research will generate an estimated 25 new jobs in Baton Rouge.

State budget cuts have meant inadequate funding for Pennington. Without better support from the state, Pennington’s researchers will find it increasingly difficult to compete for outside funding such as the recent federal grant from the Department of Defense.

The research produced at Pennington has the power to create the kinds of jobs Louisiana needs, but Pennington can’t reach its promise without consistent support.

We congratulate Pennington on the Pentagon grant. We hope better state support in the future will allow Pennington to meet its potential.