If there is one thing that’s been a true blessing this holiday season, it is the drought of political commercials. By December’s runoff for the U.S. Senate, Louisiana was washing away on an inundation of ads, millions of dollars spent on repetitive announcements about the virtues, but mostly the demerits, of Senate candidates Bill Cassidy and Mary Landrieu.

The bad news is that we’re facing yet another political year. This time, it’s the 2015 contests for state offices, from governor — Bobby Jindal is term-limited — and statewide elected officials to the Legislature. The good news is that the commercials are apt to be slow in cranking up, as the vast expenditures by national outside funders is unlikely to recur.

Nevertheless, it’s a significant political year in the state and then our long Louisiana political season goes into extra innings, with another national election in 2016. That may or may not see a competitive U.S. Senate race, but if so, many of the same folks wanting to sway our votes down on the bayou might invest in commercials again.

That’s three years in a row of hot politics, a lot even in a state where politics is “the sport of kings,” as Huey P. Long called it. Maybe it’s time to look forward to December 2017 — the next really long pause in political life in the Bayou State.