Whatever the sufferings of children fleeing misery in Latin America, they have achieved Mission No. 1: They have provided Gov. Bobby Jindal a photo op portraying himself as relevant to the Mexican border crisis.


The governor and House Speaker Chuck Kleckley, R-Lake Charles, got the nickel tour from Texas authorities along the Rio Grande. They did the obligatory brief boat tour that President Barack Obama rightly suggested some weeks ago can only be a photo op, given the scope of the issue of immigration and the huge expanses of the Mexico-U.S. frontier.

We do not want to call this the ultimate Jindal photo op, because that might constitute a challenge to Timmy Teepell, the governor’s political guru. But the unfortunate reality is not just that it does no good, but that it leaves the governor as far from the action as he ever was.

Now Rick Perry, not so much. The governor of Texas has some standing to talk about the border issues, because he is at least the chief executive of a state on the border — even if most of the issues dealing with immigration, legal or illegal, are entirely the province of the U.S. government.

Jindal is more distant from the border than then-Gov. Sarah Palin was when she suggested that one looks across the Bering Strait at Russia.

And just as Alaska’s foreign relations challenges provided little sense of qualification when Palin became a national candidate, the Jindal photo op recedes into a campaign footnote almost immediately.