I read the article “Government Street road-diet plan changing shape as project start date remains uncertain” in The Advocate. Tell me, what are drivers to do when they are forced to stop behind CATS buses, as these buses pick up passengers along Government Street? If the city is allowed to go forward with this absurd plan, traffic will surely be more congested then it is now. There are 27 stops from the river to Lobdell (east bound) and 25 stops traveling from Lobdell to the river (westbound). With a turning lane in the middle, and bicycle lanes in the lane closest the curb, there will be nowhere for traffic to go around the buses. They will be forced to sit and wait until the buses proceed forward. Brilliant! So much for progress.

In addition, comments by Mark Doctor, safety and design engineer for the FHA is right by saying that forcing traffic to go from three lane to four lanes at Foster and then return to three at Jefferson “can be problematic.” He’s right. One only needs to experience the bottleneck at College and Lee, to understand. Drivers with any sense will be avoiding Government Street like the plague.

As for “ambulances and other emergency vehicles” being able to move more quickly in the center lane, as mentioned on by EBR Transportation and Drainage Director Steven Bonnette. The center lane is supposed to be for turning, making it very unlikely that it will be free of cars, allowing emergency vehicles to move more quickly, as they maintain.

Janice Calvert


Baton Rouge