Louisiana’s shipping industry did much to help win World War II, as evidenced by the famous Higgins boats that proved so critical to the Allied victory at D-Day. So it’s fitting that the largest donation ever made to the National World War II Museum, a New Orleans star attraction, should come from former shipbuilding executive Donald “Boysie” Bollinger.

Bollinger, the former chairman and CEO of Bollinger Shipyards, has committed $20 million to the museum, and a large part of the donation will fund an illuminated shade structure over the museum’s outdoor parade grounds. “I think that eventually, this canopy and this whole museum profile will be an iconic image for New Orleans,” Bollinger said. Bollinger’s gift will also help fund other exhibits and strengthen the museum’s endowment.

It’s a credit to Louisiana that a museum of such international distinction is located here. That’s possible because of supporters like Bollinger.

We commend Bollinger for this generosity, and we look forward to the National World War II Museum’s new look.