The repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for military service is a victory for the civil rights of gay Americans.

We like the comment of an Army commander in a Facebook post.

“The American citizen has asked some of us to fight for them. We volunteered,” wrote Army Lt. Col. Michael D. Jason. “Now, as proclaimed by law, stay out of my soldiers’ bedrooms. About time.”

Yes, about time.

The armed services, composed of many young people who do not find gay people as strange as some of their elders do, will continue with policies prohibiting sexual harassment in any direction. We hope the military also will find a way, in appropriate cases, for those earlier discharged from the military to return and serve their country.

The United States takes pride in its military and those who, as Lt. Col. Jason said, volunteered to fight. All of the men and women under his command, straight or gay, are deserving of our respect and gratitude.