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Advocate staff photo by BRIANNA PACIORKA -- Protesters head north on Airline Highway after protesting near Interstate 12 during a protest held on Saturday, July 9, 2016, in response to the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge.

Brianna Paciorka

In the wake of the Alton Sterling shooting, the goal for Baton Rouge residents should be building bridges, not blocking roads.

There have been numerous protest rallies since Sterling was shot to death during a July 5 struggle with Baton Rouge police. During a gathering outside police headquarters at the intersection of Goodwood Boulevard and Airline Highway, protesters periodically blocked traffic along the major thoroughfare.

There was also an attempt to block interstate access at Airline and Interstate 12.

This isn’t peaceful protesting.

If the purpose of the protests is to affirm the value of human life, then blocking traffic won’t advance that principle. It only increases the possibility that other lives will be lost.