The latest embarrassment for Louisiana’s money-wasting film subsidy program is a report from the inspector general accusing a company of inflating expenses related to two productions, one of which is “The Sean Payton Show.”

The expenses are eligible for taxpayer subsidies under a program that even Bobby Jindal’s economic development department thought was inefficient and wasteful.

The company attacked in the report denies the findings. We’ll leave it to auditors and perhaps prosecutors to sort out who is right, though some of the violations claimed in the report stretch too far back to make a criminal case.

But taxpayers might ponder why they’re subsidizing Sean Payton’s show at all.

Government giveaway programs are supposed to help create economic activity that would not occur without a boost from taxpayers.

But coaches’ shows thrive everywhere.

Louisiana just raised taxes by a billion and a half dollars a year, and we’re finally coming to grips with the inefficiency of some of our giveaway programs.

In the current budget, Louisiana could have fully funded TOPS and elementary and secondary education if it didn’t spend money on a film incentive program.

Sean Payton and the Saints are loved from Metairie to Minden, and we can support the coach and his team by watching his show. But we don’t doesn’t mean we need to subsidize it.