A weekend to remember is guaranteed for country music fans in no less of a venue than Baton Rouge’s Tiger Stadium, when a giant of the music scene comes back to town.

Taylor Swift headlined the opening Bayou Country Superfest in 2010, the Memorial Day event that draws country fans from across Louisiana and beyond. She will return to Tiger Stadium for a concert the Friday night before Superfest opens in 2015. Her event is part of her nationwide tour promoting her new album “1989.”

We welcome her back and urge country fans to check out the other great stars studding the Superfest weekend. For all the national and international attention to Louisiana’s rich musical heritage, we’ve got great claims on country, as well as Cajun, zydeco and all the rest.

The Louisiana Hayride in Shreveport and the many country stars who were Louisiana natives all are part of our great musical tradition, and Tiger Stadium is a stellar stadium venue.