As high unemployment continues to grip the nation, this year’s observance of Labor Day has special resonance.

Labor Day has traditionally been a time to honor the positive contributions to society of America’s workers. We salute those workers today, and we honor the diligence, ingenuity and skill of a workforce that’s made the United States a global economic power.

But we mark Labor Day today with the knowledge that too many of our citizens are out of work. That’s a financial and emotional burden on those who are unemployed, but it’s a spiritual burden, too. Work is how many of us express who we are. When we lose jobs, our very souls can seem shaken, too.

The unemployed among us also represent untapped capacity for the American economy. We hope and pray for the day when all that skill, experience and energy can once again be harnessed for the good of our communities, our country and our world.

America has seen worse times than this, but that’s little comfort for those without a job.

Here’s wishing for a Labor Day in which more of our people are returning to work after the three-day holiday.