Thanks to a deal between the New Orleans Saints and a prominent automaker, the Louisiana Superdome will be named the “Mercedes-Benz Superdome.”

The folks at Mercedes-Benz USA no doubt believe attaching their corporate name to the Superdome will be good advertising. That advertising won’t be free, of course, since the car company is paying the Saints for naming rights on the iconic arena.

But in all fairness, we should let Mercedes-Benz executives know that regardless of whatever new names are attached to Louisiana institutions, residents tend to refer to landmarks by their old monikers.

Years after the now-defunct Goudchaux’s department stores were sold to new owners and renamed, longtime Baton Rouge residents continued to mention that they were “going to Goudchaux’s” on shopping errands. The K&B drugstore chain remained “K&B” in popular conversation even after the stores were rechristened as Rite-Aid outlets. The CVS drugstores now dotting the local landscape will always be Eckerd stores to people of a certain age.

The Mercedes-Benz Superdome seems like quite a mouthful to us. We suspect that for many south Louisiana residents, the home arena of the Saints simply will be known as it’s always been known — the Dome.