We won’t wring our hands too much about LSU returning to the Princeton Review’s infamous “Party Schools” list. LSU has been off the list for three years.

We’re not sure about the methodology used for the list, on which LSU came in 13th. Ohio University in Athens ranked No. 1, and the University of Georgia was second. Ole Miss, the University of Iowa and the University of California at Santa Barbara followed.

LSU Chancellor Mike Martin, while not celebrating LSU’s dubious distinction as a party school, noted that a number of the other schools on the top party list also have good academic programs. He suggested having a good time and being a good student might not be mutually exclusive. He was quick to add that he was not aware of the criteria used in compiling the list.

One standard the Princeton Review uses is alcoholic beverage consumption by students, though its method of measuring that consumption is unclear.

We don’t condone binge drinking of any kind. The culture of south Louisiana is a festive one, but that tradition shouldn’t include tolerance for abuse of alcohol or drugs.