Snow days don’t arrive often in Louisiana, much to the chagrin of area youngsters who welcome a day off from school. Quite a few grown-ups like snow days, too, though one of the grim lessons of adulthood is that work delayed doesn’t simply disappear. Miss a day at the workplace because of bad weather or anything else, and more than likely, twice as much stuff will be waiting for you to do when you return.

EBR schools, LSU, others will stay closed Wednesday _lowres

Advocate staff photo by TRAVIS SPRADLING -- The North Boulevard Town Square screen show the Weather Channel's broadcast tracking the progress of winter storm Leon, just before 9 a.m. Tuesday, as a front bringing sub-freezing temperatures and possible freezing precipitation advances into the Baton Rouge area.

LSU students are learning that the hard way with the announcement that the university is holding class a couple of Saturdays next month to make up for closing three days last week during freezing weather. Not surprisingly, the planned weekend sessions aren’t popular with students. But even at LSU, life can’t always be fun, though Mardi Gras is only weeks away.