There’s not much good to say about North Korea, a totalitarian country that’s been rattling its nuclear saber recently, causing America and the world no end of grief.

But for those of us who live in Louisiana, there’s a striking reality of the regime that perhaps the rest of our fellow Americans easily overlook. We’re talking about the fact that North Koreans stage the worst parades ever. When compared to the gold standard of celebratory processions — the Mardi Gras parades of south Louisiana — Pyongyang has a long way to go.

Last weekend’s parade in the North Korean capital, a macabre monochrome of military green and camouflage, featured the usual grim line of tanks, troop transports and missiles. Incredibly, there weren’t even any throws.

Too bad Louisiana can’t send a delegation to North Korea to show them how it’s done. A few days with members of Rex, Bacchus, Zulu and other Fat Tuesday krewes might do the dour Kim Jung-un a world of good.

We don’t know if a decent parade in Pyongyang could thaw tensions in the region, but it’s worth a try. Heaven knows we’ve tried everything else.