Within two days, two students at Istrouma High School were shot and killed this month.

The killings were not related and did not take place at the school. But the impact on their families and fellow students certainly was made worse by the two events coming as closely as they did.

Darren Smart, 18, was shot Sept. 15 while trying to run inside a home at 4752 Bradley St., police have said. The shooting followed an altercation that occurred a week before the shooting. Darrion Lebeuf, 16, was found fatally shot two days later inside a vacant home.

No arrests have been made, and no suspects have been named in either shooting.

Closure on such events clearly is going to be some time away for family and friends.

The shootings underline the serious problem with crime and its cost in terms of young lives. Unlike some teens who get in trouble because they leave school, the two boys were continuing their educations.

Pervasive poverty and family troubles lead to dislocation in young lives in some inner-city neighborhoods.

We can only hope that some help — whether in the form of social services or simply more intensive counseling — can make a big difference.

But until the streets are safe, even students sticking with school are threatened with the possibility of violence.