What if they shut down the government and everyone slept through it?

Well, that's exactly what happened. And if that sounds like a pointless exercise in posturing, well, at least things worked out in the end.



Congress failed to come to a spending deal Thursday night, causing the second brief shutdown so far this year, but lawmakers managed to come to a deal Friday morning to remain open for business. That means that the endangered community health centers, which serve 385,000 low-income people across Louisiana, won't be turning people away after all. These centers, the people they serve and the people who run them were only the latest pawns in what's been an ongoing game of brinksmanship.

It also means a bunch of other contentious issues are resolved for now, although immigration — the most contentious of all — isn't one of them.

So congratulations, I guess, to members of Congress who found the will to do their jobs, even if it meant joining with members of the opposite party to get something done.

Maybe next time they can try doing it without so much drama.

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