Mayor Mitch Landrieu and Chief Michael Harrison laugh together after Landrieu gives his annual State of the City Address for his final year in office at Civic Theater in New Orleans, Thursday, July 6, 2017.

Advocate Staff photo by SOPHIA GERMER

There's been lots of discussion during the New Orleans mayoral campaign about crime, which regularly tops lists of issues that concern voters most. There hasn't been much discussion, though, about the New Orleans Police Department's leadership.

The results of a new poll taken for the New Orleans Advocate and WWL-TV hint at why.

Despite general frustration over what's happening on the city's streets, it turns out that the man in charge is pretty popular. Sixty percent of the 500 registered voters interviewed by the Clarus Research Group last month said they approve of Superintendent Michael Harrison, who rose through the ranks and projects an open and reassuring image. Just 21 percent disapprove. He did significantly better than the city's other major crime-fighter, District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro, a more bombastic and controversial figure, who scored 46 percent approval and 31 percent disapproval ratings.

NOPD as a whole got high marks too, with 63 percent approving and 27 percent disapproving of the department.

That may help explain why, even as the candidates promise to staff up and fault Mayor Mitch Landrieu for not hiring during the administration's earliest and most financially challenging days, they don't make it all about finding a new leader. In fact, the three top-polling candidates, former Civil District Court Judge Michael Bagneris, City Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell and former Municipal Court Judge Desiree Charbonnet all say they'd conduct a search for the best police chief — but also that they'd invited Harrison to apply.

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