In Toon With Walt contest: A bottle rocket, lighter and presidential race; all we need is your punch line! _lowres



With more than 16 months to go, the presidential election is already heating up. Even Louisiana’s very own, Bobby Jindal is supposed to blast-off into the race this week. With that said, here’s a 4th of July cartoon caption contest with a guy being chased by a giant bottle rocket that has unlimited possibilities for an explosive punch line!

What’s going in this scene? You tell me! Keep it clean. Be creative. Be witty. Be wacky. Avoid the obvious and most importantly have fun!

The winning entry will be hand lettered into the word balloon and run on Saturday, July 4th in The Advocate print editions and online. In addition, the winner will receive a signed color print of the cartoon along with some other cool Advocate stuff!

Some honorable mentions will also be listed.

Simply email your entry to All entries must include your home address and a phone number where I can EASILY reach you for a quick call. THE DEADLINE FOR ALL ENTRIES IS Thursday, July 2nd AT MIDNIGHT.

So, fire off your most powerful punch lines and aim straight for the funny bone!!!

Good luck ~ Walt