Walt Handelsman: Mardi Gras caption contest winner _lowres




With more than 220 entries, this was my favorite contest since we started them two years ago. There were just so many funny punch lines.

Some of them were completely wacky (and I greatly appreciated your twisted humor); some of them were a bit too, shall we say, gross (but funny nonetheless). Some folks even thought the dude was pregnant — perhaps my knowledge of internal organs was a bit off. Hey, I’m a cartoonist not a gastroenterologist (but one of our finalists is!). Most of the entries were based on the, “You may have swallowed it, but you still have to buy the next king cake” theme. They all made me smile!

What a great way to kick off Carnival season. There are so many REALLY creative people in Louisiana. … Must be something in the food (or the drink)!

Congratulations to our winner and finalists! Thanks to everyone for entering, and most importantly, HAPPY MARDI GRAS! —Walt


Jenny Jacob, LaPlace

(punch line lettered into cartoon)


Frances Garland, Baton Rouge

“You really internalize your traditions, don’t you?”

Dr. Russell Steele, New Orleans

“This is why gastroenterologists can’t go on vacation during the Mardi Gras season.”

Patrick Hankenhof, Denham Springs

“The next time you see this, it won’t be in a king cake.”

Dave Boyd, Denham Springs

“Not to worry, with expanded Medicaid in Louisiana now, you’re covered!”