Walt Handelsman: Let It Rain caption contest winner _lowres


Let it rain! Let it rain! Let it rain!

With almost 100 entries this time, I knew this would be a real toughie. You sent in punch lines as far-ranging as rhyming poems all the way to Bible verses – and they were, as usual, all very clever!

Congratulations to our winner and finalists! Thanks to everyone for entering. Keep ‘em coming!!

– Walt


Luke Labat, Thibodaux (punch line lettered into cartoon)


Dan Stein, Baton Rouge

“It’s probably too late to start building an ark… Guess a pirogue will have to do…”

Charmaine Kathmann, Kenner

“Oh my! How long will Jindal’s REIGN last?”

Susan Spaht, New Orleans

“Statewide Outlook: Dampened with a chance of pain”

John A. Hanley, Baton Rouge

“So much for trickle-down economics.”