Walt Handelsman: Who’s your Crawdaddy contest winner _lowres


With over 140 entries this time, you folks were on fire! We had lots of head-sucking, tail-pinching jokes and picked our favorite one of those. We also had lots of political humor and picked some of those. And we had several just plain wacky, funny, completely off-the-wall ideas and we picked several of those. Really great job this time!

Congratulations to our winner and finalists! Thanks to everyone for entering.

Just a reminder: Please remember to include your address and phone number in your entry. We had several sent in this time, and in past contests, that we really liked but couldn’t use because folks forgot to include their info. Bummer!

Here are the ones we picked---


Eileen Turowski Taylor--- Walker (punch line lettered into cartoon)


Charmian Kendrick---Baton Rouge

“The claw’s on the other foot, now!”

Vincent Caracci--- Metairie

“NOW how you think it’s gonna feel to have your head SUCKED and your tail PINCHED!!”

Jay M. Ellington--- Alexandria

“Well, you PRAYED for your own hot tub…”

Grace Athas---New Orleans

“So, feeling the burn yet?!?”

Earl Pansano--- Metairie

“and you thought global warming was bad!”

Rich Vlosky--- Baton Rouge

“After all these years, it’s finally payback time.”

Enjoy your crawfish boils!!!!

Thanks--- Walt