It’s Monday and that means it’s Southern mailbag time once again.

We asked you to tweet us your questions in the wake of the Jaguars’ 47-42 loss to Prairie View as they prepare to play Texas Southern at2 p.m. Saturday in Houston.

Here’s what we came up with:

Les East @EastAdvocate

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Travis Carrell @TcarrellTravis

Q: @EastAdvocate @AdvocateSports clarification on the blocked FG attempt that resulted in 1st Down for PV. SU never took poss. (1/2)

Q: @EastAdvocate @AdvocateSports NCAA rulebook says ball that crosses neutral zone is live after hitting Def. However doesn’t specify if blckd (2/2)

A: I’m not sure why the rule doesn’t specify a block, but on a blocked field in which the ball goes past the line of scrimmage it is a live ball. So Southern didn’t have to possess it, merely touch it, in order to create an opportunity for Prairie View to recover it.

After the game coach Dawson Odums said the players are coached to just stay away from the ball in that situation, which has become the norm. But in the heat of the moment, players sometimes forget what they’ve been coached to do and try to make a play even when discretion is the better part of valor.

Travis Carrell @TcarrellTravis

Q: @EastAdvocate @AdvocateSports if Justin Morgan health will we see more of him on Def? Seems to have been given very limited time for a guy that was said earlier in season was one of most athletic

A: Yes, I think a healthy Morgan will continue to be in the rotation at cornerback. He was moved there out of necessity after the opener and he has been playing basically half of the snaps. He remained second team even after Jamar Mitchell returned from his hamstring injury.

Morgan aggravated an ankle injury in practice last Wednesday and he’s considered day to day so he should be back in action soon, perhaps as early as Saturday’s game at Texas Southern.

The switch to defense has essentially taken Morgan out of the rotation at wide receiver, which is the deepest position on the team. But it’s a long season and Morgan could return to the mix on offense as well.

Once he’s healthy, though, cornerback in probably the first place you’ll see him.

Thanks for the questions. We’ll solicit more on Twitter next Sunday and Monday, but you can tweet them at any time to @EastAdvocate and we’ll put them in the next mailbag.