The Louisiana USBC has been holding its state tournament at AMF All Star Lanes in Kenner, and there are some area bowlers who have done very well.

The most impressive results have come in singles competition: Cody Miguez of the CenLa Association posted an 829 set with handicap, and Jonathan Smith of New Orleans was second at 815. Smith had no handicap and Miguez had only 18 pins, so that means Miguez was also over 800 at 811, and the pair switched spots when it came to the scratch singles division.

Cody Miguez posted 2,375 to win handicap all-events and had a 2,321 to top scratch standings. Butch Cormier of Baton Rouge had a 2,210 in scratch all-events.

Baton Rouge had the top three team spots in handicap with Miller Time 14 at 2,943, Miller Time 16 at 2,898 and In It To Win It at 2,860 (the scratch best). Austin Barbin and Bert Adams posted 1,534 from New Orleans, with Vern Carlson and Blaine Spark the top local in eighth at 1,463. Baton Rouge’s Eric White and Michael Cook topped the scratch division at 1,455.

Whose cell phone rang?

At 7 p.m. Tuesday, CBS Sports Network will air the last show taped at the Raising Cane's River Center from the PWBA Tour: the finals of the Fountain Valley event. Here are a couple of things to watch for:

I have a feeling the CBS Sports crew will be on its game; analyst Kelly Kulick made the show, looking for her first title since the tour restarted. But keep an ear for this in the final match: In the final frames, for the first time all day (after eight, nine hours of tapings), a cell phone or pager went off.

In the quiet of a bowler getting set for a shot, it was loud. I am 99 percent certain it was not a local fan attending the event, but someone in the VIP row behind the bowlers. The only question is how well it will come over CBS’ audio or whether announcers Dave Ryan and Carolyn Dorin-Ballard mention it. The following shot was a difficult six count, and the match played out from there. Let’s see how that will play on TV.

One thing I will say: For a Tuesday in May involving four shows, it appears the crowds in Baton Rouge have been larger and a little more enthusiastic at times than the PBA shows on CBS Sports Network that have been following the women’s tour.

More standings changes

Again, the top division remains stable, but changes are plentiful in other divisions as the USBC women’s championships at the River Center exhibit hall reach the final three weeks.

Triangle Rollers of Durham, North Carolina, grabbed the top spot in the Emerald team standings. Led by Cynthia Brown’s 555 series, Triangle posted a 1,992 total June 14 to become just the second team to lead the division. The Rose Buds of Danville, Kentucky, who previously held the lead with 1,961, rolled April 23 on the tournament’s opening night. That just goes to show you: The winning score could come on the first night, the last night or anywhere in between.

Joining Brown on the team are Teresa Johnson (525), Cynthia McMillin (516) and Tina Rambo (396). Emerald features four-player teams with combined averages of 575 to 649.

We have new doubles leaders in the Ruby and Amethyst divisions. The mother-daughter duo of Tawnia and Kelsi Bryant of Twin Falls, Idaho, moved into the Ruby doubles lead June 13 after posting a 1,185. Kelsie led the effort with a 624 series, while Tawnia, a 1997 Division 2 doubles champion at this event, had a 561. Ruby doubles includes combined averages of 350 to 379.

On June 15, Mary Quintana of Price, Utah, and Lorraine Berryhill of Helper, Utah, paired up for the Amethyst doubles lead at 1,009. They're the first team in the division to move past 1,000. Amethyst doubles is for bowlers with combined averages of 260 to 289.

Alice Burris of Pana, Illinois, moved into the Sapphire (149 to 159) all-events lead June 14 at 1,618. And congrats to Denise Guthrie of Kinsey, Alabama, a first-year USBC member who took over the Topaz all-events lead at 1,367.

Spare notes

All Star Lanes is having its annual summer set of tournaments each Monday night through the end of July, with a special two-day event July 3-4. There are all kinds of events — no-tap, scotch doubles, baker doubles, etc. — and the more events you bowl, the better your chance to win some cash prizes.

Circle Bowl was busy this past weekend, hosting the local association tournament of champions as well as a side tournament for a large group of bowlers in town from Chicago.