LSU's players get ready to take the field vs Georgia in the second game of the series on March 18, 2017.


1. Numbers station

This whole series was a smorgasbord for people (like me) who enjoy statistical oddities or rarities, but Friday night’s 22-9 marathon, which lasted nine innings but required nearly 4½ hours to complete, was a stathead’s dream. In that game, LSU scored 20 runs against an SEC team for the first time since Skip Bertman’s final season. Its 22 runs scored were its highest run total against an SEC team since 1998. Perhaps the craziest number from the game: LSU had 39 plate appearances with a runner in scoring position and had some sort of a positive outcome on 24 of them. There wasn’t even a single error in that game!

2. Breathe a little easier

It was a mostly solid weekend for the LSU bullpen, which was under some scrutiny after the back injury to closer Hunter Newman. Austin Bain, Matthew Beck and Will Reese did a nice job Friday after taking over for Alex Lange in the fifth inning. Caleb Gilbert, in his first appearance as the closer this season, looked great while striking out four Saturday. But then it looked a bit shaky Sunday. Zack Hess didn’t record an out, though coach Paul Mainieri said his hook was based on the situation. Beck logged two scoreless innings but was on the receiving end of some good fortune. Gilbert was touched for two runs, but he got the final out before the tying run could cross.

3. One more time: Nice work, Poché

On Sunday morning, Cole Freeman posted a video on Twitter of the team holding a memorial service for Jared Poché’s mustache. The senior pitcher had to shave it after giving up his first run of the season Saturday. His streak ended at 32 innings, but the numbers inside the streak told how impressive it was. Nineteen of those 32 innings were perfect innings, in which Poché did not allow a hit. Only eight runners made it to scoring position in those 32 innings and, of those, only one reached third base. That’s remarkable. His streak ended on a solo home run in the fourth inning.

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