Saturday won't be Leonard Fournette's final game in Tiger Stadium -- at least he's not admitting that just yet. 

Fournette, a junior who's projected as a top-5 pick in the NFL draft, declined to reveal his final decision during an interview with local reporters on Tuesday, four days ahead of what's likely to be the final home game of his college career. 

No. 16 LSU hosts No. 21 Florida in a noon kickoff Saturday at Tiger Stadium.

"It's a hard decision. I love college," he said. "I love everything it comes with."

Fournette, a New Orleans native and a guy who broke a host of single-season school records last season, met with reporters for 10 minutes Tuesday afternoon, discussing a wide range of topics and opining on the inevitable: him leaving early for the NFL.

"It's the last ... last last home game," he said at one point, when asked about sitting out against the Gators because of his injury. "I want to be there to experience it with my brothers."

He joked about his relationship with backup running back Derrius Guice (he called him his little sister), revealed more about that nagging left ankle injury (his high and low ankle sprains haven't yet healed) and discussed the feeling of breaking off a long run in Tiger Stadium.

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How do you approach this game with Senior Day and possibly your last home game here?

It's going to be very emotional for some guys. Some guys have been here all four years. I believe they've had an incredible run and it comes to an end. Sad to say.

What about you?

The juniors, we're going to talk about it, everybody that has a chance to come out. We're going to talk about it as a whole with Coach O, get his opinion on whatever he thinks we should do. 


LSU running back Leonard Fournette (7) motions 'come down and play' to Alma, Arkansas' Chris Feeny, after the Razorbacks fan taunted Fournette during warmups, telling him that 'you're not going to get any yards tonight,' before the LSU-Arkansas football game Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016, at Reynolds Razorback Stadium. Feeny said he has three rules about his trash-talking. 'No profanity, not reference to birth defects, or talking about your mama, or girlfriend. Anything else is fair game,' he grinned. The two met and shook hands shortly afterwards.

Some of your best performances came against Florida. What is it about Florida that gets you juiced?

I just come out and play, just run the ball like I always do and put my team in the best position that they can be in. 

Can you describe the feeling you get when you hear the Tiger Stadium crowd roar when you're playing?

It's a lot, especially just dealing with those fans and knowing they have your back 24/7 no matter what the circumstances. It's an incredible feeling. 

Everybody is screaming, you see the fans standing up. It's a wonderful feeling. 

How's your ankle?

It's just sore right now. I'm in rehab daily, just taking it down by down. 

What do you do during rehab on it?

I'm not a doctor. I can't really tell you the names of it, but Dr. (Jack) Marucci and them does a great job of helping me out, trying to get my ability back, jump-cutting and stuff. It never really healed. I've been playing with it every day.

Is it more pain or range of motion problem?

I had high and low ankle sprain, and I had a bone bruise. Dealing with all that at one time, it's hard. I fight through it.  

Did any of those three things heal completely?

Probably just the bone bruise, but the low and high ankle sprain is still there. 

Derrius (Guice) played pretty well. What's y'all's relationship like? Is that big brother-little brother?

It's more like big brother-little sister. (laughter) I love dealing with Derrius, man. We're two different people. When we come on the football field, we're the same. I enjoy playing with him.

What would he say about the little sister thing?

Knowing him, he'll probably get his feelings about it but he'll laugh about it though. He knows where I'm coming from.

You two have been going back and forth about racing right?

He thinks he's faster than me. Like I've told him before, I have never gotten caught by anybody on the football field and he has. 

He finally got one on Saturday right?

Finally. I was happy for him, especially for him to get that record. By him coming from his freshman year until now, it's just the growth you see in some of those guys... It's just amazing.

He had to score because you'd be waiting for him on the sideline, huh?

If he would have gotten caught, I would have had a couple of words for him.

LSU vs. Arkansas

LSU quarterback Danny Etling hands the ball off to running back Leonard Fournette (7) Saturday against Alabama.

What words?

Sad. Just sad. 

With him, Nick (Brossette) and Darrel (Williams), the backfield is in good hands right?

Yeah, like I said, if any one of those guys were somewhere else, they would be starters. Even though we compete against each other each and every day ... it's a wonderful feeling just to go against your brothers every day. 

How open is your mind going to be going into this meeting with the juniors and Coach O?

At the end of the day, man, nobody wants to leave college. Nobody is ready for the real world. I know I'm not, to be honest. We've got to wait and see when we talk to Coach O. 

What concerns you about the NFL?

There's men. Playing against 36-year old ... 32. Mentally, you've got to be ready.

We're all assuming this will be your last game. How do you approach it?

It's a hard decision I love college. I love everything it comes with. 

You have a family right? You have concerns and considerations.

Most definitely. It's a decision I'm going to have to make with the team as a whole. We have a lot of juniors on the team and seniors leaving. We'll just have to see.

It's been a crazy season. What do you take away from this?

What I can say is one of my most difficult seasons, this season, just dealing with injuries and stuff. Throughout my whole experience at LSU, from my freshman year until I first stepped foot on campus, it's been exciting. 

The good and the bad, I enjoyed every bit of it. 

Will you allow yourself to reflect on that?

Most definitely man. And besides, nobody likes paying for stuff. With college, man, it has its ups and downs, but you enjoy it. 

The average person hears you say that it's a tough decision and they says 'No way!' Is it really a tough decision?

It really is, thinking about everything you're leaving behind, but, also, I know you're going to have new things when you go.

What do you like the most about college?

It's fun. It's fun. College is college. They say it's one of the best years you have, and every year I've been here, it's been a journey. 

Could you imagine how sweet it would be to end the season in the Sugar Bowl?

Most definitely. To end it where I'm from, for all of our fans to be there man, it would be a tremendous feeling. 

What's in front of you with these last two games?

Each game and each practice we have to come out and play, no letting up. I think as a whole, the team has a great mindset right now. Still putting the pieces together. 

Where are you health wise?

I'm just sore. I'm practicing today. 

Full go against Florida? 


You couldn't sit this one out right? Why not?

I can't. It's the last ... last last home game. I want to be there to experience it with my brothers.

You've had so many national people saying, 'Leonard, sit out.' You get annoyed with that?

Most definitely. I could have sat out, but that's not me. At the end of the day, I believe any athlete, any competitor, loves to compete. I would never jump ship on them, on those guys in there. 

You could have put it on cruise control after those first four games right?

That's just my character, how I was raised, how I was brought up. Despite when your back is against the wall, you never give up. What you going to do when your back is against the wall?

Was it your commitment to the team that helped keep everything int he right direction?

Most definitely. The Arkansas game, we lost to them two years and I just let everybody know, we're not going to lose to them this time. I made sure that everybody was focused and when the game comes, just be you when you get out there.

You threw a guy down against Florida last year. This is a physical defense right?

Most definitely man. The defense is very talented. They have a lot of talented players on their team. It's going to be a very intense battle.

What's your favorite run ever at LSU?

I had a lot man. I think the Auburn game (last year). Still to this day when I watch that, sometimes I can't believe I did that. 

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