Is LSU’s Ben Simmons a point-forward, a point-center, a giant floor general — or positionless?

Is he left-handed or (given all those righty finishes) ambidextrous?

Should he be a primary ballhandler, to capitalize on his court vision and passing skills, or should he play in the paint, to exploit his advantage in athleticism over opposing big men?

And can he be called the best player in the college game when his team is only 13–7?

Sports Illustrated contributor Luke Winn explores these questions and more in a recently published feature titled “The Truth About Ben Simmons,” in which the writer concludes the freshman basketball sensation is hard to define but easy to appreciate.

Tiger basketball fans and others have been appreciating Simmons since his arrival at LSU. He was named to The Associated Press’ preseason All-America team in November.

And fans quickly learned that Simmons, who as a 6-foot-9 Montverde (Fla.) Academy forward was ranked the No. 1 player in the nation by ESPN, is as good as advertised.

He even caught the eye of a certain high-stature basketball fan, when President Obama offered several shout-outs to Simmons, who was in the audience for the president’s town hall meeting at Baton Rouge’s McKinley High School earlier this month.

See the Sports Illustrated story here.