Centralized replay is coming to the Southeastern Conference.

The league announced Tuesday that it will use a central command center for instant replay in an experimental basis, joining the ACC in the alteration of its replay system.

Personnel operating from SEC headquarters will assist the in-stadium instant replay officials when replay decisions are made, the league announced in the statement. Detailed plans and logistics for the new process will be presented to coaches and school administrators during the upcoming SEC spring meetings in Destin, Florida, at the end of this month.

Some of the details are already known. In February, the NCAA football rules committee approved a request submitted by the SEC to allow conferences to use a collaborative process for instant replay on an experimental basis. Rogers Redding, the committee’s secretary-rules editor, told reporters during a teleconference then that the SEC would use the new centralized replay system in a one-year trial.

The on-site replay official will still make the final decision on replay rulings, Redding said in February.

“It allows the collaboration. The idea is the replay official at the stadium would make the decision but collaboration would come from the off-site people,” he said. “It doesn’t change who makes the decision. It changes the capability for additional consultation.”

The SEC tested the centralized replay system during a spring football game this year, the statement said.

“Our goal is to continue to use the best-available resources to support correct outcomes when instant replay is used,” said SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey said in a statement. “We believe the collaborative effort, which will involve additional officiating experts during replay reviews, will enhance the Conference’s football officiating program. I believe this update to the instant replay review process will better support football officiating in the SEC through the use of technology.”

The ACC approved use of the centralized replay system last week.

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