First quarter

LSU: Deangelo Peterson 9 from Jarrett Lee (Drew Alleman kick) at 8:03. DRIVE: 6-67-2:54. KEY PLAY: A 43 pass from Lee to Rueben Randle on the first play moved the ball to the Demons 25. LSU 7, Northwestern State 0.

Second quarter

NW STATE: John Schaughnessy 44 field goal at 14:00. DRIVE: 6-12-2:25. KEY PLAYS: A 36 punt by LSU’s D.J. Howard is downed at the Tigers 30, and Brad Henderson’s 9 pass to Trevor Eickman on the next play puts the Demons in scoring position. LSU 7, NW STATE 3.

LSU: Ware 1 run (Alleman kick) at 9:50. DRIVE: 19-79-7:41. KEY PLAYS: Michael Ford 26 run to a first down at the Demons 25. Lee 14 pass to Randle down to the 12. LSU 14, NW STATE 3.

LSU: Ware 6 run (Alleman kick) at 8:33. DRIVE: 2-15-:30. KEY PLAY: Michael Brockers makes a diving interception of a Brad Henderson pass, giving LSU the ball at the NW State 15. LSU 21, NW STATE 3.

LSU: Ford 3 run (Alleman kick) at :20. DRIVE: 5-52-2:30. Lee gets the drive started with a 12 pass to Odell Beckham and adds a 28 to Randle for a first-and-goal at the 3. LSU 28, NW STATE 3.

Third quarter

LSU: Ford 7 run (Alleman kick) at 12:39. DRIVE: 6-59-2:25. KEY PLAYS: Zach Mettenberger’s 24 pass to Randle and a facemask penalty at the end of the play gives LSU a first down at the NW State 18. LSU 35, NW State 3.

LSU: Alfred Blue 4 run (Alleman kick) at 2:36. DRIVE: 10-57-4:04. KEY PLAYS: Beckham’s 15 run gets the drive started and Blue’s 4 run converts a third-and-1 at the Demons 17. LSU 42, NW State 3.

Fourth quarter

LSU: Kadron Boone 19 pass from Mettenberger (Alleman kick) at 7:36. DRIVE: 15-68-8:13. KEY PLAYS: The touchdown pass is the third down that LSU converts on the adrive as Mettenberger and James Wright connect for 7 on third-and-3, Blue runs for 9 on third-and-5, 3 on third-and-1, and 5 on third-and-1. LSU 49, NW State 3.

FINAL SCORE: LSU 49, Northwestern State 3.

RECORDS: LSU 2-0, NW State 1-1.


Les East