LSU and coach Les Miles are keeping satellite camps simple. The Tigers are staying in their known recruiting grounds of Louisiana and Texas.

LSU is hosting satellite camps with nine in-state schools in Bossier City and New Orleans, and the program is partnering with others for two satellite camps in Texas, the coach announced Tuesday.

The Tigers are partnering with former assistant Frank Wilson, now head coach at Texas-San Antonio, for a satellite camp in the Dallas area at DeSoto High on June 13. They’re partnering with a pair of high schools for satellite camps in the Houston area on June 14.

“We look forward to get on the road and going,” Miles said. “It’s going to be fun.”

As previously reported, Miles and the Tigers are hosting a camp in New Orleans at the Saints practice facility on June 4. They’ll host a camp at Freedom Field in Bossier City on June 2, kicking off this satellite camp summer tour – a hot-button issue in college football over the last several months.

The NCAA reversed a decision outlawing satellite camps earlier this spring, lifting a rule that would have restricted teams’ summer recruiting camps to their campuses. The reversal went against the SEC’s wishes and fired up dozens of college head coaches.

Miles is one.

LSU will participate in four satellite camps – excluding a youth satellite camp in New Orleans on June 5-6 – in addition to four other on-campus camps the program’s held for years.

The coach called for the NCAA to add another full-time assistant to the current nine-member staffs to combat the extra workload regarding satellite camps and the NCAA’s new rule allowing coaches to text prospects on an unlimited basis.

“What you’ve done is added man hours to your calendar. You’re going to be on the road for satellite camps. You’re going to text a little more significantly,” he said. “I think there’s a need for 10 (staff members).”

Meanwhile, Miles continued his subtle shots at Tulane, a program that’s not participating in camps hosted by LSU. The Green Wave is partnering for a Louisiana-based satellite camp with Texas A&M, LSU’s Southeastern Conference Western Division rival.

Tulane will host A&M and Houston coaches on its campus for two campus (June 17 and July 23), and the teams will participate in camps in Shreveport and in Monroe on June 15.

Miles suggested the Aggies could poach talent from Tulane.

“I don’t know that they’re going to get out of that what they want,” he said when asked about in-state schools partnering with out-of-state SEC schools. “If you’re an in-state school, you want that prospect that might fall out of the view of that SEC (team). If there’s a bunch of SEC schools in here, there’s likelihood that, at some point in time, they take one of their prospects. Again, I don’t see that as being good for the great number of schools in the state.”

Asked specifically about Tulane joining LSU’s camps, Miles said, “They didn’t necessarily want to participate.”

Nine schools will join LSU during the satellite camps in Bossier City and in New Orleans, and they’ll be invited to attend LSU’s yearly on-campus camps, Miles said. They include Louisiana-Lafayette, Louisiana-Monroe, McNeese, Southeastern, Southern, Grambling, Nicholls State, Northwestern State and Louisiana College.

“The schools that I mentioned have a vested interest in the state of Louisiana,” Miles said. “Where they get their prospects is in Louisiana.”

LSU turned down requests to partner with schools in satellite camps outside of the country, Miles said. Why?

“I just could not take myself away from Louisiana,” he said. “You have to do the things important to you and to your program.”

Miles warned, though, that LSU’s camp schedule is not finalized and more could be added. Specifically, he said, a camp in Florida may be added in July. 247Sports reported last month that LSU would participate in Sound Mind Sound body showcases in Detroit, Atlanta, Tampa and Houston, but Miles confirmed Tuesday that will not happen.

LSU’s focus remains on its on-campus camps, Miles insisted during a 20-minute news conference Tuesday. LSU holds two high school camps (June 9 and June 21-23) in Baton Rouge, a 7-on-7/linemen camp (June 16) and a specialist camp (June 3).

“The thing you don’t want to do is have a satellite camp in lieu of visiting Baton Rouge,” he said. “When they come to Baton Rouge, there’s more information given to a camper once he shows up on our campus, especially if that kid sees himself attending college here. We don’t want to change that.”

LSU satellite camp schedule

June 2, Bossier City (Freedom Field)

June 4, New Orleans (New Orleans Saints Practice Facility)

June 7, New Orleans (Joe Brown Park)

June 13, Dallas (DeSoto High, DeSoto, Texas)

June 14, Houston (Episcopal and Northshore high schools)

LSU’s yearly on-campus camp schedule

June 3: Specialist camp

June 5-6: Youth camp

June 9: High school camp

July 16: 7-on-7/lineman camp

July 21-23: High school camp