Former LSU football coach Les Miles is headed to a TV near you this football season to be an analyst for a network he'll identify soon, he told The Advocate on Wednesday night.

“I’m going to be in media and in a number of different places,” he said, “and I’m going to have a blast.”

Miles also appeared on "Off the Bench" with Jordy Culotta and T-Bob Hebert on 104.5 FM ESPN in Baton Rouge on Thursday morning, saying his time away from football has been "miserable" and that his wife, Kathy, "is just so ready" to get him out the house.

Here are few highlights from the interview:

On what Miles misses most about not being LSU's coach...

"The relationship with the players. There's nothing I enjoyed more than going to the practice field and watching young guys improve and develop and making sure they were going to school, making sure they were getting their degree, making sure -- off the field -- they did the right things. I enjoy the relationship with the players more than the final score. Now, the next thing I enjoy is leading the Tigers on to the field because I kind of just felt like, especially in Tiger Stadium, that there was this special rapport betwee our team, the Tigers, and that fanbase because there's no better place to lead a team out onto the field than Tiger Stadium."

Reminiscing about the game-ending madness vs. Tennessee in 2010 (a game in which the Tigers appeared to lose in regulation but, instead, scored on the game's final play)...

"That was a great snap to nobody (addressing Hebert, who famously snapped the ball). Basically what happened, just so you know, the coordinator (Gary Crowton) calls for a change in personnel, and the change of personnel in those situations (isn't) immediate. The assistant coaches are on the headphones, and the coordinator says, 'OK, we're going to switch.' Well, oh my gosh, he just killed 12 seconds in this key part of the game, and we don't have a timeout. What are you doing? But it's done because onto the field goes these guys and off the field comes these other guys. Fighting like hell to get the ball snapped and thank God you had somebody with half a brain that would snap the ball. The good news about that coordinator is that when he made that call the Tennessee couldn't match."

Miles, who coached at LSU for 11-plus seasons, was reportedly a candidate for several jobs late last fall, including open gigs at Houston, Minnesota and Purdue.

“I have put time in and I’m so much more prepared to coach than I am to … there are things I know about a college football game that, frankly, I prepared a lifetime to know,” he told The Advocate. “I look forward to leading a team onto the field.”

Miles has a meeting scheduled with network personnel Thursday, he said, and he’s scheduled for more traveling after that.

"I'll certainly understand what's going on between the lines. It's just whether or not I can can communicate it well to the people that are listening," he said.

Click here to listen to Miles' full interview on 104.5 FM ESPN in Baton Rouge.