JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jacksonville Jaguars running back Richard Murphy is getting to know a few of his teammates really well this week.

Murphy is bumming rides to training camp after his truck and — more importantly — four championship rings from his college days at LSU were stolen from outside his apartment over the weekend.

His 2010 Dodge was stolen between Saturday night and Sunday morning. The truck was found several miles away sitting on concrete blocks. Among the items missing were 30-inch rims and tires valued at $15,000, his 2007 national title ring, his 2007 Southeastern Conference championship ring and his 2006 Sugar Bowl ring. The fourth was a title ring issued by the school.

“Something you can’t replace,” Murphy said Wednesday. “It’s really frustrating. But it can’t really frustrate me now. It’s training camp. I’ve got to make the roster. I’ve got stuff to pay for.”

After discovering what happened, he called the Jaguars, who notified police. Officers found the vehicle a short time later, stripped of just about everything valuable. Murphy thought his rings were secure.

“They were locked up,” he said. “Under the glove compartment is another drawer that you can’t see.”