SEC on CBS college football analyst Gary Danielson joined Culotta & The Prince on 104.5/104.9 FM from SEC Media Days in Alabama on Monday.

Below is a sample of some questions and answers from the interview:

LSU has fallen victim lately to too many players leaving early for the NFL, what's it all mean?

Danielson: One of the unintended consequences of changing the NFL system of slooting rookies has been that rookies look out there and say, "I'm going for my second contract." There used to be a lot of motivation to stay in the college ball until you could get your big rookie contract, now the clock will start ticking.

There’s been a little bit of bad luck for LSU too. Now, of course they have not gotten their quarterback situation solved. Since Zach left, it’s been a tough replacement, since Zach Mettenberger.

But that 2011 team, that was a championship team. I mean, they should have won the championship.

It was a tough break having to play Alabama twice. I don’t think anybody can beat either one of those teams twice in the same year. That hurt LSU and it was a tough recovery for the team.

How can LSU solve its quarterback problem?

Danielson: College football’s greatest difference in between NFL and college is not the spread and the fancy zone read. It’s that in the NFL you need a franchise quarterback to win a championship in college football you don’t. You need a guy that doesn’t hurt you but makes the plays...I think LSU needs to go back and understand what their quarterback brings to the table and not do too much.

LSU will see a few fresh faces, Kevin Steele and Ed Orgeon, this season are they good fits for the team right now?

Danielson: Ed’s real value is he understands the value of a pass-rush. He understands how to recruit them, he understands how to play them, coach them, substitute them, keep them fresh. I think he’s a really good position coach.

Kevin Steele, I think the balance between him and Ed is going to be nice. Kevin is more from the Nick Saban, x and o, I’m going to play the statistics, I’m going to be very cerebral about the way I call the game.

I like the balance between the way Kevin’s looking at it and the way Ed’s looking at it. I think it can’t be anything but help the team.

Don’t under estimate John Chavis. I think John’s going to be a big plus for Texas A&M, but hey, in this league anything can really happen, we all know that.

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