In an alternate universe, Booger McFarland imagines Brandon Harris starting as quarterback for LSU in the 2017 opener against BYU:

"Brandon Harris goes out there. He's the starting quarterback. And in the first quarter, he throws two picks," McFarland said. "Can you imagine the vitriol and the booing (offensive coordinator) Matt Canada and Brandon Harris would get? ... Me, personally, I don't think that's a road LSU wants to go down."

McFarland, an SEC Network analyst and former LSU defensive tackle, spoke Wednesday on Off the Bench with Culotta & T-Bob on 104.5/104.9 ESPN-FM in Baton Rouge.


The Brandon Harris scenario was part of McFarland's explanation of why it's better that LSU and Harris have parted ways. (Harris announced Monday he plans to transfer from LSU.)

McFarland also discussed the main question NFL teams may have about former LSU star running back Leonard Fournette, and the one former Tiger he'd most likely bet on being a success in the NFL. Hint: It's not Fournette.

More on Harris:

"Hopefully he gets an opportunity to go play somewhere that guaranteed. I think for him that's a better situation than when you step on the field, come August, there's probably going to be five quarterbacks that have an opportunity to play for LSU. And if you're Brandon, why would you take that chance, to not be the guy?"

On how losing Harris affects LSU:

"You never want to lose a guy who has experience at a position, because experience is something you can't buy, can't teach, it just has to happen.

"So yea, it would be great to have some experience, but ... I think LSU and Brandon Harris are better off splitting apart from each other."

On Leonard Fournette heading to the NFL:

"My one question about Leonard Fournette, which he's got to answer, is his vision. There have been plenty of times, when I've watched tape, where I'm like, 'How did he miss that?'

"He's got to answer that question. He's got to answer the durability question. If he can answer that, and check those two boxes, Leonard Fournette could be one of the special backs to play in the NFL."

On former LSU safety Jamal Adams heading to the NFL:

"If you're telling me, 'Hey Boog, give me the LSU player that you would bank on having the most successful career,' and you had to bet money on it, I'd bet it on Jamal Adams.

"Because, in my opinion, he's ready to play right now. And more importantly, he's mature beyond a lot of guys' years right now. To me, excelling in the NFL is not just showing up with talent. It's understanding how to be a pro. How to show up, be on time, be a professional."