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Advocate file photo by TRAVIS SPRADLING -- LSU wide receiver Travin Dural

While wide receiver Travin Dural was LSU’s leader in receptions and receiving yards by a wide margin last season, it still was a difficult and frustrating year for the junior. Dural discusses last season’s stuggles and what will make 2015 different.

What are some things you’re expecting from the offense that will generate more balance this year?

As an offense, I’ve seen a lot of growth and a lot of maturity from all positions: O-line, tight ends, receivers, quarterbacks, running backs. We’re doing a lot of great things and the receivers are getting open way more often than we did last year. (The receivers) and quarterbacks have a better feel for each other. ... The summer and spring helped us tremendously and right now we’re just clicking.

It looks like you have the ingredients needed to be an effective offense that can be productive and score 28 or 30 points a game. Does it feel that way?

As an offense, we try to not put any pressure on ourselves. We try and get better every day and be ready for when our time comes. We’re working every day and getting a better feel for what’s going on, the plays that are called. ... We’re just getting ready for every situation, and when it happens in a game, we’ll be ready and more prepared than we were last year.

Everybody loves to see wide-open offenses, do you feel like the fans were frustrated a little last year?

Yeah, I can understand the frustration because as an offense we were frustrated with ourselves. So I can imagine the fans being frustrated. We know we have to grow; we did, we matured and learned the offense and got better in spots where we’re creating some separation and we’re making contested catches.

The game at Arkansas, where you guys were shut out, was that the most frustrating one of the season?

The toughest part of that game, and the Auburn game, too, was not putting up as many points as we want or we’re capable of putting up. Knowing the things we’re capable of, it’s very disappointing because we left so many plays on the field. We’ll try not to do that this year.

Having two quarterbacks that didn’t have a lot of experience — did it hurt their confidence when you hit some tough times?

I wouldn’t say it hurt their confidence, but it’s always tough on a quarterback coming out in their first year as a starter. ... I commend those guys for the way they handled it and how they’re handling it now. They’ve grown, they’ve matured. They’ve shown us a lot, and we’re very confident in those guys.