No harm, no foul: LSU ball girl confused, throws fair ball into stands _lowres

The LSU ball girl made a little mistake in the fifth inning.

In the beginning there was a flash of recognition, in the middle there was controversy and in the end it all worked out.

Soon-to-be LSU sophomores Peyton Pharr and Andre Bellefontaine recognized an LSU ball girl sitting on the bench right behind the LSU bullpen mound in right field. Their bleacher seats were close enough for them to get a message to her.

“We didn’t even realize it was her until the fourth inning, and we said, ‘Hey, if you get a foul ball, throw it to us!’” Pharr said. “The next pitch, it just so happens she got the ball and she threw it to us.”

There was only one problem: the ball she threw to them had hit in play and was live.

Pharr said Bellefontaine caught the ball, and for a few moments everything was great. Then they realized what happened.

“We got a little nervous for a second,” Pharr said. “We got scared we were going to mess up the game.”

The umpires eventually decided to give Lancaster a double, but any unknowing assistance the ball girl may have provided came undone. Lancaster took third base on a wild pitch and scored on an RBI ground out. Just about every LSU fan in attendance was likely to be displeased except for Pharr, Bellefontaine and the ball girl.

They’re the ones with a souvenir and a story.
“After the inning, no harm, no foul,” Pharr said. “It was pretty cool.”