LSU at Florida football on Oct. 7 in Gainesville just got a lot more interesting...

After lightning forced the Tigers' spring game indoors, the Florida Gators' official Twitter account thew some shade (as the kids would say) at LSU.

The tweet references the spat last season that occurred when the Tigers and Gators butted heads over rescheduling their game because of a tropical system barreling toward Florida days before they were scheduled to play.

The Tigers offered to play that game on a different day or in a different location while Florida opted to wait the storm out to decide, prompting angst in Baton Rouge. 

The Southeastern Conference eventually weighed in and forced Florida to play in Baton Rouge and have LSU play in Gainesville two-straight seasons.

Florida defeated LSU on the last play of the game in Baton Rouge, ultimately keeping LSU out the Sugar Bowl.