There'll be one fewer massive, hairy, intimdating LSU fan in Tiger Stadium for the rest of the season.

LSU announced on Mike VI's Facebook page on Saturday morning that he won't be attending any games for the rest of the season.

"Will reevaluate next season," the announcement said.

LSU’s live mascot attended the season opener, his first home football game since 2013. Mike declined to show at any of last year’s home games, refusing to enter his mobile trailer.

According to a news release earlier this season, Mike VI had attended 32 of the 57 home games since his first year as mascot in 2007. He didn't attend home games vs. Auburn or Eastern Michigan.

• In 2007, he attended all but the first home football game.

• In 2008, he attended the first two home games but no others.

• In 2009, he attended all but the first home game.

• In 2010, he attended all but two home games.

• In 2011, he attended every home game.

• In 2012, he attended four games and missed four due to either a wet field or his unwillingness to load.

• In 2013, he attended three games.

• In 2014, he did not attend any home games.

“Mike’s health and well-being are always our top priority,” LSU President F. King Alexander said before the season. “We are grateful to our School of Veterinary Medicine for the extraordinary care they provide our beloved mascot.”