LSU coach Les Miles, on Wednesdays during game weeks, speaks publicly three different times. Follow his comments here throughout the day.

SEC Teleconference

Sophomore QB Brandon Harris had a poor outing against Auburn in 2014, going 3-for-14 and getting benched in his first collegiate start. But Miles said Harris is a “much different player” now than he was that day on the Plains.

“He’s immensely more experienced than he was when he played at Auburn. His game readiness in terms of all the things the quarterback has to do, he’s more prepared to do that. Certainly he’s more in tune now than trying to accommodate every coaching point. I think he’s more ready to be a part of a successful football team. …He’s still youthful wants to continue to improve. But he’s very confident. He’s learning and improving on a regular basis.” ECJBqr1B

Auburn has struggled to defend the zone-read play, which LSU ran nearly a dozen times against Mississippi State. Considering the Tigers’ talented stable of backs and Harris’ mobility, Miles called it “a natural addition to the offense.”

“It’s just a part of our offense. Its an interesting piece when you when make the defense account for the quarterback. It becomes an assignment, it becomes an awareness. It changes the defense in a number of ways. He obviously has great speed and ball-handling skills.”

The College Football Playoff has made strength of schedule a priority, and Miles said he believes individual schools should have some autonomy when it comes to scheduling opponents. LSU faces only one Power 5 non-conference team this season —unranked Syracuse from the ACC.

“The only thing I can tell you is that there’s a point in time where the schools should have some autonomy and be able to schedule in relationship to what is their needs as their program continues to develop. Key pieces are to put themselves in position to be bowl eligible. I think marquee matchups with other Power 5 conferences are a premium. Everybody looks for those. Certainly we do, and a number of other teams in the conference do. …I think there needs to be some flexibility at the conference level.”