Twitter Mailbag is a blog series running each Tuesday answering readers’ questions about the LSU football and teams. Readers submit their questions through Twitter each Tuesday, and the best are posted here with answers. Follow us on Twitter at @DellengerAdv to submit a question.

Since I only cover LSU football and baseball and it’s baseball season, we plucked athletes from baseball only. Also, we eliminated Elaine because … she’s a woman and there are no females on the baseball team.

  • George: Alden Cartwright. Cartwright has a little bit of everything – goofy, wise-cracking, serious, prone to outbursts. He’s George all right.
  • Jerry: Zac Person. Person, if you don’t know already, is the best Twitter follow on the team. His dry sense of humor is a perfect match for Jerry.
  • Kramer: Parker Bugg. This is a stretch. It’s tough to find a Kramer. Bugg has the height – he’s 6-6 – and he may have the clumsiness (we’re assuming).

Ah, this again. LSU hasn’t worn gray uniforms yet this season, and a few fans are in a huff over it. I have no idea as to the answer of this question, but I’ll try to pull aside a staff member Wednesday night and ask.

This is still an on-going investigation, and I’m not sure he’ll ever be officially “cleared.” He hasn’t been charged so how could he be cleared? He’s not listed as a suspect or a person of interest.

However, I do understand what you’re getting at. Several NFL teams, according to a few reports, are waiting for Collins to be “cleared.” I don’t know when or if this will officially happen. Who knows how long this murder investigation will drag out? It could be years.

You’re speaking of DB Jeremy Cutrer, the junior college player who signed with LSU this past February. Cutrer was supposed to enroll early, but he didn’t qualify. Instead, he’ll enroll in the summer like most of the freshman class. That’s still set to happen – as far as I know. But this is something to keep in eye on.

I don’t believe it costs LSU anything. And keep in mind this: I believe a school can request a fifth year for a player after that player’s fourth year. So, the Tigers could conceivably request a medical/fifth year at a later date if Jake Latz wanted to remain in school for a fifth season, which is unlikely, according to coach Paul Mainieri.