Most visitors know not to bring pets along to see Mike VII on LSU's campus. But did you know even stuffed animals can be an issue?

The problem: Mike VII can't yet tell the difference between live and stuffed animals, according to a post on the tiger mascot's Facebook page.

When visitors approach the glass with a stuffed animal, there's a chance Mike will throw himself against the glass to get the "animal," and possibly damage his teeth, the post says.

Dental problems are the top cause of death in both wild and captive tigers, the post says.

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Visitors are urged to heed the "no pets' signs and help warn anyone they see holding stuffed animals near the glass.

Mike VII, formerly known as Harvey, arrived on campus and was officially introduced as LSU's new live mascot last month. The tiger, an 11-month-old Bengal-Siberian mix, was donated from the Wild at Heart Wildlife Center in Florida.