Former Catholic High running back Derrius Guice says his top priority this summer is getting his body and mind in the right place leading into his freshman season playing for the LSU Tigers.

Guice spoke on Wednesday with “After Further Review” host Matt Moscona on 104.5/104.9 FM ESPN in Baton Rouge.

He said the transition from high school to college has kept him busy, but he’s pleased with the results so far: “It’s been a great transition, because Catholic has prepared me for it throught out my whole four years.

“Me and the other freshmen, we’re just getting ready and just trying to prepare to step up with the uppperclassmen,” he said. “The workouts, we’ve been crushing them. There’s not a day that goes by we’re not in the weight room, or just getting better. So it’s been a great transition. I’m just getting ready for the fall.”

The hard work appears to be paying off.

“This time last year, I would’ve been dying in the sun,” Guice said. “I prepared myself, and I came in in great shape.”

One motivating factor is LSU’s talented stable of running backs, which Guice said adds pressure to be at his best:

“It’s almost like 100 percent I had to be ready,” he said. “I don’t want to fall behind trying to get in shape, when I could be building on to my shape. getting better and better all day, instead of me having to catch up with everybody.”

He said with school and workouts keeping him on the run from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day, it’s important to manage his time wisely. For example, studying the LSU playbook, learning the system and the terminology: “That’s just an everyday thing I have to do.”

As for what he hopes to accomplish his freshman year, Guice says he’d like to get into the rotation and build chemistry with his teammates.

He would love to return punts and kicks, but has “no idea” if he’ll get the chance. Otherwise, he’d do anything just to get on the field

“I would go where ever the coaches tell me to go. If that means doing long-snapper, I would do that. I would do anything to get on the field.”

Here are some other quotes and notes from the interview:

On team's summer conditioning tests...

Guice: "We blew it out the water ... Around 70 to 80 percent passed, and the rest failed. But that's not bad because they can get more conditioning work in. Guys that failed just have to run more than us because we showed the coaches we're in shape, and they showed the coaches they weren't. That's just another chance for them to get in more shape."

On what stands out about quarterback Brandon Harris...

Guice: "This dude's got a cannon. He throws it so fast and accurate ... Everyone complains about how hard he throws the ball. It's just so amazing how much power and force he can bring with the ball and the impact it has on your hands ..."

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