It’s being dubbed “the greatest catch of all time.”

Despite the fact that the Giants came up short 31-28 to their rival Cowboys on Sunday Night Football, the sports world — or just the Internet in general — can’t stop talking about New York rookie and former Newman and LSU standout wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.’s one-handed touchdown grab on the first play of the second quarter.

Specifically, his two-finger-and-one-thumb grab.

LSU coach Les Miles didn’t see it live. He was sitting in his meeting room reviewing practice film when he received a text message.

“I get a text that says that Odell Beckham has caught the greatest catch of all time,” Miles said. “And the way media is, I got probably three different views of this catch, and is it spectacular. It’s truly Odell Beckham.”

But for Beckham’s former coaches and teammates, Sunday night’s spectacle was nothing out of the ordinary. For three years, Beckham patrolled the LSU practice facility always looking to make another highlight reel reception.

This time, they just happened to get it on film.

“I saw him and (Miami wide receiver) Jarvis (Landry) do things like that on the practice field all the time,” Miles said. “I mean all the time. They finally caught one on camera, I guess. It’s something that we would have expected.”

Several current Tigers muttered one phrase on Monday afternoon: “That’s just Odell.”

Throughout his junior season in Baton Rouge, Beckham could be seen leaping and snatching passes with one hand from quarterback Zach Mettenberger during pregame warmups.

Beckham worked on the Spiderman-esque grabs every day.

“At practice last year, him and Jarvis Landry used to run post patterns and stuff in the middle of practice and just stick their hand out and catch it,” said LSU sophomore tight end DeSean Smith. “It was ridiculous.”

That being said, Smith said he had never seen anything at practice that was remotely close to the catch Beckham made against Dallas. Smith said if he would have attempted Beckham’s catch, he might have broken his shoulder.

Thinking back on watching the snag, LSU redshirt freshman wide receiver John Diarse couldn’t muster words at first. He just laughed.

“Wow. The things that guy can do,” Diarse said. “He’s only going to get better, and I’m excited to see what’s the next big catch. It’s indescribable.”

The catch required a number of elements to perfectly sync.

Beckham had to be flexible as his right arm was fully extended while bringing in Eli Manning’s pass.

He showed focus, considering Cowboys’ corner back Brandon Carr was busy tugging at Beckham’s left arm, drawing a defensive pass interference call.

And it required massive hands.

Beckham’s hands, which measure at 10 inches, appear colossal on the New Orleans native’s 5-foot-11 frame.

“He could probably catch a body with those hands,” said LSU sophomore defensive back Dwayne Thomas.

Thomas, who has missed most of the 2014 campaign with a torn ACL, said seeing Beckham’s success in the NFL has been an inspiration for the Tigers.

Beckham has thrived in the pros since playing his first game Oct. 5 after recovering from a hamstring injury.

The Isidore Newman High School product has made 41 receptions for 609 yards and five touchdowns through five games.

When the Giants’ rookie was in Baton Rouge, Thomas spent most practices covering him.

After Sunday night, Thomas isn’t even sure that task is possible anymore.

“Well, if I can cover Odell, and the Dallas Cowboys secondary can’t, then maybe I should be a part of the Cowboys,” Thomas said jokingly. “It lifts us up to know that we can be there one day (in the NFL). We’re used to playing those guys. We’re going up against the best every day.”