LSU football Academic Progress Rate score drops to 10-year low, but... _lowres


The LSU football team’s multi-year Academic Progress Rate (APR) score dropped to a 10-year low, but the Tigers are comfortably above the penalty benchmark, according to documents released by the NCAA on Wednesday.

The football team has a four-year APR score of 941, the worst since it registered a 941 in 2005-06. Teams need to be at or above a 930 to avoid penalties, such as practice time and scholarship reductions. The 941 is the worst score of any LSU sport, joining women’s basketball (949) as the only other group under the 950 mark.

APR is a way for the NCAA to monitor academic performance and retention among its member schools. APR is calculated using a points system. Each scholarship player is expected to earn two points each year – one for remaining enrolled in school and the other for being academically eligible. A teams’ total points are divided by 1,000 to equal the APR.

Each April the previous year’s APR score is released, along with the multi-year scores.

Four LSU sports have perfect multi-year APR scores (1000), meaning no player transferred and no player was academically ineligible. Those include women’s tennis and men’s tennis, women’s golf and men’s cross country.

The football team’s score of 941 is 18 points below the NCAA average for football (959). The baseball team has an APR of 958, 12 points below the NCAA average, and men’s basketball’s 970 is six points better than the NCAA average.

The NCAA average for women’s basketball is 978, 29 points higher than LSU’s score in that sport.