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Offensive coordinator Matt Canada had a reputation of being an innovative play-caller when he arrived at LSU this year, and he's earned a new moniker after the Tigers' past two wins. 

"I think the thing that we've learned about Matt Canada so far is this year: He's kind of like a mad scientist," ESPN analyst and former LSU standout Booger McFarland said on 'Off the Bench' with Jordy Culotta and T-Bob Hebert on ESPN 104.5 FM on Wednesday. "He's going to probe and mix some formulas." 

McFarland said against Florida, Canada used the jet sweep as a key offensive staple. Against Auburn, it was the play-action and deep passes that gave the opposing defense fits. 

"He's always trying different things," McFarland said. "And once he finds something that works or finds a potion that works, you can see him to start to kinda [say]: 'Oh, I got something now. Let me build off of that.' "

McFarland's comments came after back-to-back wins over Florida and Auburn pumped new life into LSU's season. The Tigers hit their low point after a homecoming loss to Troy. 

The most recent victory over then No. 10 Auburn came after the Tigers trailed 20-0 in the first half, but held the opposition scoreless in the second half for a 27-23 victory. 

"It's never going to be perfect, but you just want the guys to go fight, go compete, don't give in. And I thought that was the biggest factor for the offense," McFarland said. 

Other notable quotes

On DJ Chark's performance after first-quarter fumble: 'He catches the long pass, fumbles, then he comes back and makes a play. That's a senior player. That's a guy that didn't put his head down … and that's what you want."

On why Tennessee's Butch Jones hasn't yet been fired: "They play Alabama this week. Even if you fired him I don't think anybody would've taken the interim job this week. ... Alabama can name their score this week. It might be 50-0 really, really quickly."

On why Ole Miss is more dangerous for LSU than Florida or Auburn: 'What does Ole Miss have to lose, man? They're not going to a bowl game. They may go for it every fourth down. They don't care. They're just going to go out and play. Matt Luke, who's the coach, knows he's not going to be the coach next year. He may fake a punt from his own 10-yard-line. Who cares? So if you're a fan in Baton Rouge thinking this game is going to be easy. I've got news for you."