Ed Orgeron

Ed Orgeron tells ESPN sportscaster David Lloyd the story of holding a worm in his mouth during a motivation speech years ago. 

Ed Orgeron is known for his motivational speeches just as much as his recruiting prowess. 

The stories are endless. He added to the collection Wednesday during a stop with ESPN sportscaster David Lloyd on the network's live mid-morning show, "Coast to Coast."

While a graduate assistant years ago, Orgeron held a live worm in his mouth during a speech, pulling it out to end a motivational fishing tale he told players.

"It was just to fire up the team. It was about two guys fishing. They were in Alaska, had to cut a hole to fish. One guy was catching fish and the other wasn’t," Orgeron said, beginning the story.

“He said, ‘Hey man, I’m using the same bait. Why am I not catching fish?’

“(Other guy) said, ‘I have a secret. I keep the worms in my mouth to keep them warm before I put them in. I do whatever it takes to feed my family.' "

Orgeron completed that fishing story and then told the team, "Whatever it takes to win, I’ll do the same things." He then pulled the wiggling worm from his mouth.

Lloyd laughed on set. 

"You had a worm in your mouth the entire time," he said to Orgeron. "What did that feel like, Ed?”

Said a smiling Orgeron: “It was kind of different. It was at a younger age, and I won’t do that again.”

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