LSU coach Les Miles, on Wednesdays during game weeks, speaks publicly three different times. Follow his comments here throughout the day.

SEC teleconference

  • Injury update: Miles said sophomore fullback JD Moore will “definitely be out for this game” against No. 8 Florida on Saturday after he suffered a knee injury against South Carolina last week. Miles specualted Moore will be back after the bye week at the end of October but said it “would be super” if the fullback could return against Western Kentucky on Oct. 24.
  • Jersey auction: Sophomore running back Leonard Fournette will auction his purple jersey from the South Carolina game, with the proceeds going to South Carolina flood victims, but Miles said he doesn’t know the specifics of the process. The NCAA originally ruled Fournette could not auction his jersey but later relented in a statement on Twitter.

“I know it has to go through compliance. It has to be certified by the NCAA. I don’t know the exact direction. But I felt like it was a very sincere and warm gesture from Leonard. We all were immersed in kinda what were our Katrina and Rita experiences, and we realized some of the unfortunate environment that south Carolina was going through. For him to recognize that and do something however big or small for South Carolina was Leonard Fournette.”

  • Have some fun: Miles reiterated he wants Fourntte, the Heisman Trophy frontrunner, to have fun and enjoy his college experience. Fournette did not speak to the local media two weeks ago and has faced a flock of reporters in each of his subsequent appearances.

“He was big part of high school football in our country and certainly Louisiana, so it’s not the first time he’s been through this scenario. I’ve told him on a number of occasions that all he has to do is tell me it’s not fun anymore and that it’s too hard and some of those things. I am the bad guy. I will step in and stop the media and give him as much room as he possibly could need. Some players in the past, I can think of great players here that had to go to an academic appointment and just really did not have time for media. I understand that, They’re college students. They’re supposed to have fun going to college and being young and to experience college in unique way. If that ever changes, all Leonard has to say is ‘Coach.’ I promise you I’m very comfortably the bad guy there.”

  • Miles on Spurrier: Miles opened his portion of the teleconference by mentioning former South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier, who resigned earlier this week. Spurrier coached his final game, a 45-24 loss to LSU, in Tiger Stadium. Miles said Spurrier was “competitive” in the loss.

“He was a great player, he won at every school he ever was the head coach at. He had a big personality. He was one of those guys who made college football very entertaining. He will be missed.”