Former LSU fullback Jacob Hester: The Tigers need to name a starting quarterback _lowres

FB Jacob Hester exploits the porous Arizona D for two touchdowns, one receiving and one running. (AP)

Former LSU fullback Jacob Hester, speaking on the Paul Finebaum Show on, said the Tigers need to name a starting quarterback, either Anthony Jennings or Brandon Harris, sooner than later.

"You know I wish that they would go ahead and name a quarterback down there," Hester said. "I think it would be better for LSU if they went ahead and named a starter. Neither guy really took the horns in spring football. They both played well in the spring game, so it wasn't a thing of them playing bad, but neither of them really took the job."

Hester also have his opinion on the differences between Jennings and Harris.

"Brandon Harris is by far the more talented kid, but I think Anthony Jennings does what Les Miles likes," Hester said. "(Jennings) gets the team lined up. He doesn't have to call a time out on third down cause it - look they are one of the few teams that still huddles in football, and that's a key thing."