LSU coach Les Miles, on Wednesdays during game weeks, speaks publicly three different times. Follow his comments here throughout the day.

SEC teleconference

Les Miles said Anthony Jennings could see some time in the season opener against McNeese State, but the coach again made it clear that Brandon Harris will start the game. Harris received the first snaps with the first string throughout preseason practice, the coach said. “

Both quarterback will continue to improve and get better. Brandon Harris will take the first snaps and he’s taken the first snaps in practice throughout the fall. We look forward to seeing him participate Saturday night against McNeese. It’s not to say that at some point in time we might not put Anthony Jennings in. Anthony Jennings is also done and had a very productive fall camp. We look at that position as continuing to improve.

McNeese QB Daniel Sams spent time playing quarterback for Kansas State. He’s a dual-threat kid who could pose some trouble to the Tigers (we wrote more about him over the summer here). Miles on Sams:

He’s a talented QB. Guy with a strong arm, accuracy. Very elusive, explosive foot speed. … We have similar style of guys in our program and they have provided the defense with a real quality look.

Miles wants everyone to “celebrate football.” He said that phrase multiple times on the teleconference, specifically talking about hosting an in-state FCS team and why the Tigers do so.

We recognize that there’s really good football in this state. Coaching is very good. … It allows the state with a different fan base, not necessarily LSU, to come into Tiger Stadium and celebrate football.

*Random note: LSU released Wednesday news that they have about 400 tickets remaining for the McNeese State game.